When Children Make a Novi Sad Calendar

The workshops for children and youth ‘The City Calendar – From Children to Novi Sad’ were implemented in the Mlin Cultural Station at the end of December, in cooperation with the Centre for Art Education of Children and Youth of Vojvodina.

Each child selected a month in a year they would like to present in an artistic way, inspired by the paintings of the city such as Fruška Gora, SPENS, Danube Park, Novi Sad bridges, etc.

You can see the result of their work below:

The aim of the ‘The City Calendar – From Children to Novi Sad’ is education of children and youth, as well as the development of children’s creative work. Within such programmes, children and their parents/caregivers make connections with cultural institutions, acquire a habit of going to galleries, museums, and cultural institutions in general and become potential consumers of culture and art. Children gain the driving force by exploring and playing with different materials, which makes them engaged and develops their intellectual, emotional and fine art potentials. Working in a group learns them about responsibility, choice, cooperation and establishment of criteria.

The graphical techniques used encourage the development of mental, research and experimental functions of a child. By using different materials and elements of fine art, children use perception, imagination and creative thinking. The problem is tackled from a different angle, and motor and graphomotor skills are being developed. Moreover, children use new terms such as: graphics, print, multioriginal, linocut, cardboard printing, monotyping, visual communications, pictograms, symbols, etc.