The Youngest Cartoonists Showed Creativity and Talent

The comics workshop called ‘Let’s Awake Comics’ implemented by the Mlin Cultural Station started on Monday, 17 May. This is the first workshop, out of a total of five, and it is part of a multimedia performance that will be held within the ’The Kaleidoscope of Culture’ platform in September.

The aim of these workshops, led by Zlatko Milenković (Strip vesti), is for children to create comics with the help of professional associates as part of the scenography that children will bring to life with dramatic performance and movement with customized costume design.

The natural need for people to express themselves through images and text has created comics. Stories used to be told through drawings on the walls of caves, and today social networks are flooded with mimes.

After more than a century of existence, in the form we know today, comics received a well-deserved status and was recognized as an art form, but also as a medium with great potential for education, development of reading habits and creativity among young people. Therefore, it was natural to create a performance that will revive the comics by engaging several groups of children with different creative affinities.

After the participants of the workshop design and draw comics, the work will continue, where other children, costume designers, set designers and a drama studio for children will be engaged in the project within various workshops. The culmination of several months of work will be a multimedia performance in the premises of the Mlin Cultural Station in Radnička Street.


Photo: Uroš Dožić