See You at the ‘Old Crafts’ Exhibition

stari zanati

The exhibition of works by students from Serbia on the topic of ‘Old Crafts’ was opened in the Mlin Cutural Station on Wednesday, 21 April, while it will be available to the public until 21 May.

All interested visitors have an opportunity to see the exhibition on the first floor of the Mlin Cultural Station, on working days, from 9 a.m. until 3:30 p.m., except Easter holidays, when the cultural station will be closed.

The Centre for Art Education of Children and Youth of Vojvodina initiated the cooperation with cultural-historical society ‘Proleće na čenejskim salašima’ – PČESA (En. Spring at Čenej Ranches) in 1986. The aim of the cooperation is to hand down tradition, old crafts, and beliefs to children and young people, thus saving them from oblivion.

The last exhibition, in cooperation between PČESA from Novi Sad and the Centre for Art Education of Children and Youth of Vojvodina, was organised with the ‘Konji Vrani’ (En. Dark Horses) exhibition in 2016, which was dedicated and organised in honour of professor Veselin Lazić, the founder of PČESA.

Today, five years later, the wish of organisers is to revive memory of the exhibition, which is of great importance for the preservation of our tradition; thus, saving cultural heritage from oblivion through paintings by children in these times and in the times to come.

This years’ painting competition received 1283 works from 69 institutions. The selection jury, including Aleksandra Stefanov, art historian and chief curator of the Museum of Vojvodina, MA Aleksandar Botić, professor at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Jelena Tišma, expert associate for fine art in the ‘Radosno Detinjstvo’ preschool institution, MA Eva Fedi, professor of art classes and Ljubica Tankosić, director of the Centre for Art Education, selected 265 works for the exhibition, and awarded 17 awards, seven praises as well as five awards for fine art pedagogues for the collection of works.

Photo: Dragan Jablanov