Personal Dream Theatre in Mlin CS

The theatre workshop ‘Personal Dream Theatre’ was held in the Mlin Cultural Station on 19 November, on the occasion of marking World Children’s Day. Children from the private kindergarten ‘Duga’ in Novi Sad attended and actively participated in the workshops.

The theatre workshop comprised different art genres: literature, visual, theatre, and cinematography arts, as well cartoons and comic books. This activity offered the participants basic knowledge on the basis of which children will be able to develop their own approach to this art form as creators, and in addition to improving language skills, it can also be used to process specific content in accordance with children’s needs and interests. The workshop combines theory and practice, while the result of the workshops is the creation of a mini theatre festival, composed of short performances, created at the workshop and presented in the smallest theatre in the world!

Authors and moderators of the workshop are the members of the Radovanović Theatre: Nataša Bodiroga Radovanović, defectology graduate, surdologist and reeducator of psychomotor learning, and Branislav Radovanović, the Master of Dramatic Arts.

Photo: Dragan Jablanov