Let’s Revive Comic Books: Step Into the World of the Ninth Art

The interdisciplinary exhibition ‘Let’s revive Comic Books’, dedicated to all people who would like to learn how comic books work and what their characteristics are, has been opened in the Mlin Cultural Station.

Walking through the world of ‘the ninth art’, visitors have had a chance to enjoy the magic of most different sounds, movements, colours and drawings created by children, with the help of Zlatko Milenković, a cartoonist from the ‘Comic Book News’, Georg Redžek, an art pedagogue, and Ljubica Tankosić, an editor of the art programme of the Novi Sad Children’s Cultural Centre. Participants of the ‘Cirkoneo’ circus school, boys and girls, together with Ana Ilić, director, Jelena Galović, actress, Dragan Jajić Vladisavljev and Nebojša Šupić, circus pedagogues, bring closer the imaginary universe of animated superheroes to audience and proved that the comic books are one of the most creative forms of the art practice.

We invite children and adults who nurture the nostalgic memory of their childhood to come and revive the comic book within the exhibition that will be open until 10 November.

Foto: Marko Pudić