Dear Children, the ‘Neven’ Magazine Invites You To Apply to a Fine Art Call and Save the Earth

konkurs neven

The children magazine ‘Neven’ invites all interested kids aged 6 -15 to make a personal contribution to the protection of Earth with their artistic achievements. The international Earth Day is celebrated on 22 April to remind the wider public of the importance of protecting the ecosystem, but also encourage fight of an individual against the distortion of the environment.

The aim of the fine art call ‘Save the Planet’s Life’ is to encourage all educational institutions (preschool, primary and high schools) to engage even more in the promotion of healthy environment and to make sure children develop conscious thinking about the need to protect humane living conditions, as well as endangered plant and animal species that are on the verge of extinction due to climate change, water, soil and air pollution, destruction of forests and poaching.

Deadline for applications is 1 April 2021.

Topics for the call are divided into the following thematic units:

  • Air pollution and its consequences
  • Soil contamination and waste
  • Water pollution and its consequences
  • Consequences of deforestation and destruction of plants
  • Chimneys and smoke
  • Garbage dumps and illegal dumps
  • Clean up the environment
  • Taking care of the environment – Planting plants
  • Waste collection

All children aged 6 to 15 can participate in the call, individually, or through preschool institutions, primary and high schools, as well as private schools, art workshops or studios for children and youth. The works must be done solely by the children.

The works are not returned to the children, they stay in the Novi Sad Children’s Cultural Centre collection and the ‘Neven’ magazine. The organizer reserves the right to use the works for other non-profit exhibitions, for charitable purposes and to reproduce them further in print.

The organizer asks those interested not to send works that contain organic matter (fruits of nature, spices, pasta, feathers, etc., or any other material that could slip from the surface of the work). The jury will not take into consideration the works submitted in rolls or papers that have been folded.

A card with the following information should be pasted on the back of each paper: name and surname of the child; grade/age; topic name; name of the school; place and address of the school; name and surname of the teacher/art pedagogue; phone number and email address. If the artworks are sent individually, it is not necessary to write the name and the address of the school, nor the name of the teacher/art pedagogue, but it is necessary to write the place and the address of the child/parent.

All information should be filled in exclusively on the computer, printed out and pasted on the back of the work. Handwritten information will not be taken into consideration.

The expert jury will give a total of nine awards in three age categories, while the awarded artworks will be reproduced and published in the April edition of the children magazine ‘Neven.’ The works of those who passed the jury selection will be published in an online exhibition on the web page of the Novi Sad Children’s Cultural Centre. The awards will be available for pickup in person, at the stated address of the Novi Sad Children’s Cultural Centre, while the awards for children from other cities will be sent by post.

The works should be sent to the address of the Novi Sad Children’s Cultural Centre by 1 April, with the indication:

For fine art call


Novi Sad Children Cultural Centre

20 Radnička Street (first floor)

21000 Novi Sad

Phone number 064/47-37-363


Artworks sent in electronic form will not be considered, only those sent by post.