The Workshop ‘Children and Diabetes’ Held in Mlin CS

The Association ‘Plavo srce 021’ joined the world fight against diabetes with the workshop ‘Children and Diabetes’, dedicated to parents and children who would like to find out more about the lifestyle of their peer, which was held on 16 November.

After presenting the diabetes symptoms, a short workshop about the delft-control of the disease was held, while visitors had a chance to check blood sugar levels by using apparatus. The programme was led by Svetlana Tomić, president of the Association ‘Plavo srce 021’, while children and teenagers talked about the topic from their perspective.

We remind that we are facing an enormous increase in the number of diabetic patients, including children of all ages, in the year when we mark 100 years since the discovery of insulin. Therefore, organising such activities is of great importance for combating the stigmatisation processes in society.

Photo: Marko Pudić