The Life of Margita Stefanović Presented Through Interactive Play

The 1980s brought a specific music genre to Yugoslavia called the new wave. This is how a great number of bands associated with the new wave genre developed, including EKV.

With different, melancholic sound and specific poetic texts by the frontman Milan Mladenović, the music band is famous even today, and in addition to Milan Mladenović, an important part of the band was the keyboardist and great pianist Margita Stefanović.

Neda Nosović and Ivana Antić made a play ‘The Life of Margita Stefanović’ about different periods of her life, in order to present the life and work of Margita Stefanović, the great artist with a tragic destiny. The play has been implemented within the literature week of the Kaleidoscope of Culture.

Photo: Vladimir Veličković