Children Will Save the Planet: Take a Look at the Awarded Works from the ‘Neven’ Competition

International Earth Day is celebrated every 22 April and aims to remind the general public of the importance of preserving ecosystems, but also to encourage individuals to fight against environmental damage.

The ‘Neven’ magazine for children wished to encourage educational institutions (preschools, primary and secondary schools) to become even more engaged in the promotion of a healthy environment through the art competition entitled ‘Let’s Save the Planet’. Furthermore, the goal was for children to develop, from an early age, awareness of the need to protect humane living conditions, as well as endangered plant and animal species that are on the verge of extinction due to climate change, water, soil and air pollution, forest destruction and poaching.

‘Neven’ invited all interested children to make a personal contribution to the preservation of the planet Earth with their artistic achievements, and the topics of the competition were divided into the following thematic units:

· Air Pollution and Consequences

· Soil Pollution and Waste

· Water Pollution and Consequences

· Consequences of Destruction of Forests and Plants

· Chimneys and Smoke

· Dumps and Illegal Dumps

· Caring for the Environment Clean-Up

· Environmental Refinement – Planting Plants

· Waste Collection

A total of 721 works from 52 institutions arrived at the ‘Let’ Save the Planet’ art competition, and you can see 150 selected works for exhibition by clicking HERE.

Jury, composed of: Jelena Dopuđ, editor of the ‘Neven’ magazine for children; Ivana Đukić, academic painter and editor of the ‘Mali Neven’ magazine for children, Oliver Fojkar, PhD, biologist of the Provincial Institute for Nature Protection, Viktoria Čikoš, art associate from ‘Radosno Detinjstvo’ and Ljubica Tankosić, art editor of the Novi Sad Children’s Cultural Centre, awarded a total of 12 awards, of which 11 awards of the Novi Sad Children’s Cultural Centre – ‘Neven’ magazine for children and one award of the Provincial Institute for Nature Protection from Novi Sad. You can also find the works of the awarded students in the April issue of the printed edition of ‘Neven’.

Furthermore, the jury gave nine commendations for children’s art achievements, and five awards to art pedagogues for mentoring.

See 12 awarded works: